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Your First Visit to a Dispensary: What to Ask Your Budtender

If you’re new to cannabis, a dispensary visit may feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of information to take in and questions to ask! Budtenders are there to help, but you must know what to ask them. This guide will help get you started so you can make the most of your first dispensary experience.

What Products Do You Recommend for Beginners?

Diving into the world of cannabis is an exciting endeavor, but it can be daunting for beginners. Make sure you ask your budtender what they recommend if this will be your first time using marijuana or less experienced consumers; someone who knows their stuff will happily point out all sorts of great options available so that way you can take off on the right foot!

The list of questions to ask at your local dispensary is endless, but there are some great starting points. You may want to create a personalized product list based on what you need and preferences – even if it means being more experienced in cannabis as a whole! One important thing before going into the store: try asking these key questions first so that when shopping around for new methods/products-you’ll know exactly which ones will work best with you.

How Do I Use This Product?

Budtenders love to help you find your new favorite method of ingesting cannabis. They’ll walk through the dos and don’ts for each product type, give expert tips on how best to consume it (in joints or edibles), then make sure that when customers buy something they’ll feel confident in their decision by giving them personalized attention like no other dispensary can provide!

What Is Your Favorite Product?

Budtenders love answering this question because it gives them a chance to discuss products that often don’t receive the attention and recommendations they deserve. Asking about hidden gems in your local dispensary is one way you can find out what’s new, hot items worth checking out.

By asking your budtender what their favorite products are, you can get an idea of which cannabis varieties suit them best. This will help broaden horizons and maybe even find something that would otherwise be overlooked!

Do You Have Any Deals or Sales Right Now?

If you’re looking for some quality cannabis at an excellent price, then it’s worth asking about current or upcoming deals. Dispensaries offer discounts on first-time visits and coupons in exchange for email newsletter subscriptions; however, there might be sales happening just recently which will help make room for new inventory arrivals! Budtenders know how costly this hobby can get so they’ll always try their best to find something suitable within your budget while recommending high-end products.

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