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What Is Kief and How Do You Use It?

Kief is a powder that accumulates in the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant. When smoked, kief gives users a powerful high. Kief can also be used to make edibles or concentrates. In this blog post, we’ll explain what kief is and how to use it. Keep reading for more information!

What Is Kief?

Cannabis flower buds are beautiful, but they’re not the only thing worth getting excited about. Kief – also known as trichomes – contain high concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids which give each strain its unique flavors and aromas! And because kief contains such a higher potency per unit weight than cannabis flowers do, it can be used in various ways to enhance your experience with marijuana rather than being consumed by itself

Where Does Kief Come From?

Kief, or trichomes as they’re also called, can be found on both the leaves and buds of cannabis. Though for most connoisseurs it will come from marijuana flowers – specifically those who love collecting their kief! To extract these valuable hairs you’ll need either a grinder with screens inside which catch them during the collection process; if not then there are products available such as box graters where one simply slides over what has been ground until all that remains is just fine powdery goodness – this takes some time but once perfected produces high-quality results.

Why Is Kief More Potent Than Flower?

When you smoke marijuana, the THC-rich trichomes are produced in what’s called “kief”. But while this form contains 50%-80% of our favorite cannabinoid and psychoactive agent (THC), it lacks many other plant compounds that make up part two or three servings per serving on average flower smoking techniques.

What Do You Do With Kief?

But what if you want some kief on its own? Don’t worry, most people who consume cannabis add it to a product rather than smoking or vaping without any added ingredient.

Add It To Your Pipe

Kief is a great way to add some extra flavor and effect when you’re smoking or vaping your favorite strain. The term “crowning a bowl” refers to popping the bubbles from cannabis into an already full pipe – it’s not just for extracts anymore!

Roll It Into A Joint

Roll your cannabis joint using the same technique you would if rolling a traditional cigarette. If making joints with kief in them, add it before closing up and make sure there is plenty of extra paper on hand so that no blends into whatever else may be inside!

Create Hash

Hash is a type of cannabis that has been heated, pressurized, and rolled into balls. Experienced consumers can do this themselves or purchase it from licensed dispensaries in some states where it’s legal to cultivate & consume marijuana extracts like hash oil.

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