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What Is Cannabis Crumble?

Cannabis crumble is a new and popular way to consume cannabis. Unlike other methods, crumble is smoked through a vape pen, which makes it a discreet and convenient way to use marijuana. But what is cannabis crumble, and how does it work? Keep reading to find out.

What is Crumble?

Crumble marijuana concentrate is a dry and powdery form of cannabis that falls apart easily. The name ‘crumble’ comes from its tendency to crumble or break up when you touch it, making for easy consumption just like other types of solvents such as butane hash oil (BHO). It’s potent yet affordable which means people have been using them in their preferred ways– enjoying this product no matter what method they prefer!

How is Crumble Made?

The history of crumble isn’t exactly a long one. We’ve only just started perfecting extraction methods that use butane and other solvents, so it’s not surprising there are many different types out on the market today!

Crumble is typically made using butane, though other solvents can be used too—they just end up creating different textures of crumble. The processor extracts the resin from the marijuana plant with a solvent and then puts it through the purging process for a longer vacuuming time which results in a dry powdery texture that makes up this type’s potency plus flavor punch!

Wax vs Crumble

The process of making concentrates like wax and crumble is similar, but they each have unique qualities that set them apart from one another. Crumble has more moisture than budder due to its initial fat content; this means it’s easier for the user once they smoke or vape it because there aren’t any large crystal deposits formed when extracting resin glands on plants with higher potency flowers.

Crumble is a type of cannabis concentrate that has been condensing since it was harvested. The pre-purge oils in these crops have more moisture than other types, which means when you break them apart they’ll crumble into little bits rather than breaking at an instant with no resistance or give as most products do nowadays due to their higher THC content.

How Do You Use Cannabis Crumble?

Crumble can be consumed in many ways, but some of the most popular methods for consuming crumble include: adding it to joints or cones (also called “joints”), smoking from hand pipes, and water pipes. When eaten like this – typically considered an enhancement rather than something that would produce its effects alone – you’ll find yourself enjoying more intense highs with cleaner tastes!

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