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What Are Cannabis Caviar And Moon Rocks?

Cannabis caviar and moon rocks are two of the latest and most extravagant cannabis products to hit the market. But what are they, exactly? And what makes them so special? Here’s everything you need to know about these unique items.

What Are Cannabis Moon Rocks?

Marijuana Moon Rocks are high-THC cannabis products that contain three different ingredients: bud, oil, and kief. To make a moon rock you dip or spray the leaves with a THC-containing liquid then roll them up in dust from marijuana plants known as “kief.” The strain of plant used for making these special edibles usually has notable amounts within it.

Moon rocks can be compared to small, furry balls of cookie dough or cocoa-dusted truffles. Their appearance may also vary depending on how thick the kief layer is; these Moon Rocks could look very fuzzy or lightly dusted buds with an airy texture that’s not too hard but still has substantial yield potential for its size.

What Is Marijuana Caviar?

Marijuana caviar is a THC-heavy product made from a bud, oil, and kief. Marijuana caviars can be slightly different from moon rocks because they don’t always have an outer layer of “kief” which adds thickness to the rollable substance.

However, there are some differences between marijuana caviar. If you buy the type that has an outer layer of kief on it then your purchase will look just like a moon rock (small yellowish green fuzzy). But if not-your weed could come in many different forms such as wet sticky syrupy shiny rocks!

Caviar vs Moon Rocks

What are marijuana caviar and moon rocks? The only difference between them is what they’re covered in. Marijuana Caviars might not have an outer layer of kief, while those who sell themselves out as Moon rocks always do because their product description says so!

Tips On Smoking Moon Rocks Or Caviar Weed

Have you ever smoked Moon Rocks or Caviar weed? If not, you’re missing out! These are two of the most potent and delicious ways to get high. Read on for some tips on how to smoke them.

Free Up The Rest Of Your Day

If you’re looking to get the most out of your day, it might not be a good idea for moon rocks and caviar. These ultra-powerful products can make users feel energized or creative but also cause couch lock so make sure there isn’t anything else scheduled before using them!

Eat Before You Smoke

A potent strain of cannabis can sometimes cause nausea. To reduce the risk, have breakfast or lunch first to prepare yourself emotionally so that when it kicks in during smoking time there will be no surprise reactions from feeling sick to becoming unwell.

Get & Stay Hydrated

Hydration is important before and during the process of smoking caviar. You should drink plenty, preferably water but some people prefer other drinks like coffee or tea which can also keep you hydrated while lounging around on your couch afterward!

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