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Understanding THC Percentage

As you may know, the THC percentage in cannabis is a key factor when choosing your preferred strain. But what does the THC percentage mean for you? In this post, we’ll break down what THC percentage means for potency, flavor, and effects. We’ll also share some tips on how to find the best strains for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

THC Percentage

The marijuana plant contains a chemical called THC. It’s what gives cannabis its mind-altering, mood-swinging effects that make some people feel “high” after consuming it (and others not so much). The average percentage composition for this ingredient in hemp plants is about 15%-25%, but you can find flowers with up to 35%. Anything over 25 percent means there’ll be potency problems!

The flower with a total THC content of 7-11% (about 70 – 119 mg per gram) typically produces mild psychoactive effects. This is below average but still good for those who want something less intense or strong tasting in their cannabis.

Flower with a total THC content of 12-16.99% (about 120 – 169 mg per gram) has been found to have an average potency which makes it suitable for those who want some psychoactive effects but don’t necessarily need high levels of risk associated with stronger strains.

High potency flower contain more than 20% THC. This level of marijuana is typically found at dispensaries and will have stronger effects, so you might want to consider the consequences before consuming this type if it’s your first time using high-THC content flowers or other products like waxes.

How Much Is Too Much?

Some people find that they have adverse effects when consuming too much THC. The best way to determine your tolerance level is by starting small and gradually increasing the percentage over time, rather than drinking an entire bottle of cannabis at once because this can be overwhelming for some users!

The potency of cannabis products can vary greatly depending on many factors, including the strain and growing techniques used. For example – two people may react differently even if they smoke identical strains with high THC percentages!

The differences in the effects of strains can be due to a variety of factors including consumption method, strain type, and terpene profile. For instance, marijuana with higher THC levels will typically provide more psychoactive effects than those containing lower amounts while also being less enjoyable for some consumers because they may lack an emotional component that makes them feel “high.”

Flower vs. Concentrates

The differences between types of cannabis products can be seen in their varying potency and concentrations. For example, concentrates such as hashish or shatter have a higher percentage of THC than other non-concentrated strains which makes them more potent but also causes them to remain unchanged through smoking.

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