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Solventless Concentrates vs BHO: What’s the Difference?

Marijuana concentrates are becoming increasingly popular, especially among cannabis enthusiasts. There are many different types of concentrates, but the two most common ones are solventless and BHO. So, what’s the difference between them? Let’s take a closer look.

Butane Hash Oil

BHO is a type of cannabis extract that gets its nickname for the solvent used in extraction – butane. This process uses gas to dissolve away cannabinoids from plant material, and once collected this concentrate will typically be left untampered with as well because it’s still very much an oil substance even if free flowing or solidified at room temperature!

After you’ve extracted dabs, there may still be unwanted fats and lipids to remove from the concentrates. This process is called “winterizing” or dewaxing depending on if it’s done in a lab setting with ethanol as a solvent over multiple days before filtering out any remaining solvents through various filtration techniques such that only pure waxes remain. Purging can also take place at low temperatures using vacuum ovens where excess gas molecules are removed by evaporation.

BHO is one of the most common and popular methods for solvent-based extractions. It can result in a product that’s 60% to 90% THC, but there are other solvents like propane (PHO) or CO2 which will give you slightly less pot with about 50%-75%.


To make a solventless extract, you need an efficient technique. Many different ways can be done and each one requires its own set of equipment which may not always work for everyone so it’s important to know what type will suit your needs before getting started!

Dry Sift Hash

Dry sift hash has been separated using nothing more than micron screens and some elbow grease. This method uses agitation, and temperature to separate the trichomes into their pieces which are then dried before they can be smoked or consumed as food for enjoyment!

Ice Water Hash

Hash made from cannabis through the process of ice water hash has been gaining popularity in recent years. This extraction method involves soaking raw flowers with cold, gentle motion and then collecting all surrounding trichomes that sink to the bottom as they’re released due to their greater density than external ones; this allows for more efficient drying out later on when it’s time to put together your product!


Making rosin is simple. You apply heat and pressure to press out the cannabinoids from trichomes, which are then separated through an extraction process that doesn’t use any aggressive chemicals – making it one of the easiest methods available! Not only does this method preserve more terpenes than other extractions do but you can also make a concentrate with whatever material suits your needs: bubble hash or kief.

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