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Drying and Curing Cannabis

Cannabis flowers are not ready for consumption immediately after they are harvested. Drying and curing the flowers is a process that must be done correctly to ensure that the buds are properly preserved and taste good. In this blog post, we will discuss the drying and curing process in detail so that you can make your cannabis products taste great every time.

How to Dry Marijuana

Whether you’re dry trimming or wet, your cannabis must be harvested in the same conditions. It should be dried at 60 degrees Fahrenheit with 55-60% humidity for either a short period (about two weeks) before being trimmed off — if doing so begins after harvest then make sure there is enough space between plants to allow airflow–or left on its own until completely hardened without any additional manipulation other than tearing away small pieces as needed

Dry Trimming

Hanging your cut branches upside down on a drying line is one of the most effective ways to dry marijuana plants quickly and easily. When hanging them, make sure not to crowd the space with other items or clutter as this can cause molding in some cases! Leave plenty between each branch so they have room for airflow while being dried at higher temperatures than what’s typically found indoors – around 120 degrees Fahrenheit works well if you’re able to try it out first before getting more precise with settings depending upon personal preference.

Some growers choose to cut off all of their marijuana plant fan leaves at harvest time before hanging them up, while others leave some on the branches for further drying. This is because leaving these showy features can slow down how quickly you’ll be able to get rid of your cannabis flower; whether or not this would prove advantageous depends entirely upon whatever preference one has when it comes down to prevailing against speedier drying times with less margin spent doing so.

Once your cannabis is dry, you can do a final trimming. Trim off any leaves that remain including sugar leaf which contains trichomes and could be used for making concentrates or infusions later on in the process if desired by the user! Then take those beautiful sticky buds into their next step – curing them so they’ll reach perfection before consuming it all up.

Wet Trimming

Moisture is the enemy of good buds. If you’re using a wet trimming method, make sure to dry your ready-cut buds on a flat drying rack with special mesh racks designed for this purpose; otherwise, place them somewhere sunny and let nature take its course (about 2 days). Another way would be making a DIY line consisting of one or more hangers—just hang it outside where there’s enough sunlight all day long!

How to Cure Marijuana

Now that you have beautiful marijuana buds, it’s time to cure them! For this step in the process, we recommend using an airtight jar and each one needs its hygrometer. You can also use metal or ceramic containers if necessary but make sure they are not too big because then there’s no room left over for oxygen – which will cause mold growth (and other problems).

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the curing process. Some people prefer 2-4 week cures while others might want 8+ weeks; this depends on your personal preferences and what you’re looking for in terms of quality! There is some trial/error involved with finding just the right time but ultimately it’s up to you to decide since everyone has different preferred lengths according to their needs.

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