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Maywood Weed Dispensary

If you’re planning a visit to Maywood, CA, there are a plethora of exciting activities to add to your schedule. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or delicious cuisine, you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of day trips to embark on or dine at top-rated restaurants located close to our store. Consider exploring some of the area’s noteworthy landmarks that are worth checking out.

The Best Weed Dispensary in Maywood

For those seeking a superb cannabis dispensary in Maywood, CA, the Firehouse365 Maywood Weed Dispensary stands out as an excellent option. This dispensary boasts a diverse selection of popular cannabis brands, exceptional customer service, and convenient delivery options. Among the well-known cannabis brands available at Firehouse365 Maywood Weed Dispensary are Jeeter, Papa & Barkley, Raw Garden, and 710 Labs. If you desire top-quality products and outstanding customer service for smooth cannabis delivery in Maywood, CA, the Firehouse365 is the perfect choice.

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First Time Customer Guide

  • For recreational customers, Firehouse365 Maywood Weed Dispensary requires a minimum age of 21 years (or 18+ with a medical card) to purchase products or enter the premises. It is necessary to bring a valid government-issued ID or passport to check in with our security and front desk associate. 
  • You can stay up-to-date with weekly deals and news by providing your phone number and email address.
  • Once a budtender is available, they will call you from the waiting room and guide you to your order. 
  • Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist, whether you are an experienced user or a first-timer. Please feel free to ask any questions or make your preferences known.
  • After placing your order, the budtender will notify the fulfillment team to prepare it. Firehouse365 Maywood Weed Dispensary accepts cash, credit, and debit cards as payment methods. 
  • An associate will call your name once your order is ready, collect payment, and review the order to ensure accuracy before finalizing the transaction.
  • It is illegal to open sealed order bags within 1000 ft. of our dispensary, so please maintain the seal until you reach your destination. Keep in mind that we strive to provide a safe and legal shopping experience, and we appreciate your cooperation.

How to Place an Order for Dispensary Pick-Up

  1. You have two options to place an order for dispensary pick-up. Firstly, you can browse through our Maywood dispensary menu page. Alternatively, you can contact us directly at 323-484-0013
  2. Once you have selected the desired items and their quantity, add them to your shopping bag and select a suitable pick-up time.
  3. To complete your order, please provide your personal information. If you are a new customer, attach proof of ID for verification purposes. 
  4. For faster processing, existing customers can log in to their accounts. Confirm your preference for curbside pickup, and we will notify you via text message as soon as your order is ready for pick-up.
  5. We remind you to use our cannabis products responsibly, and we hope that you enjoy your purchase!

How to Place a Delivery Order

  1. Take a look at our delivery menu for Maywood, where you can choose your preferred cannabis brands, products, and quantities and add them to your cart. 
  2. Verify that your delivery address is within the 8-mile range surrounding our Maywood dispensary. Select a delivery time window that suits your schedule and provide any specific instructions for the driver, such as gate codes.
  3. To finalize your order, please provide your personal information, and if you are a new customer, submit proof of ID for verification purposes. 
  4. Existing customers can log in to their accounts for faster checkout. You can pay using Cash, Debit, or Credit Cards – whichever option you prefer.
  5. Once your delivery arrives, remember to consume our cannabis products responsibly. We hope you enjoy your purchase!

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