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Can Marijuana Cure Cancer?

Cancer is terminal. It can stem from the body and slowly take over. It can be a life or death matter and it is one of the leading causes of death in the United States today. But is cannabis really a cure? Let’s dive deep into the research and see.

Stories of Cancer Patients & Medical Marijuana

One of the most notable stories is that from a prostate cancer patient who decided when he was diagnosed with cancer that he would try medical marijuana for treatment instead of regular chemotherapy. He completely recovered, only after 6 months of medical marijuana use. Another successful story, is about Kelly Hauf, who decided to try cannabis oil months before having surgery to remove a tumor in her brain. After 8 months of treatment, there was nothing left of her tumor to remove. These kinds of stories have hit national media attention and are hard to push to the side, but although marijuana does have healing properties in it, researches are still trying to discover if it really cures ALL of the cancer cells or just some.

Marijuana DOES have Anti-Cancer Properties

Although most of the research has also been done on animals and such, clinical trials on human subjects is still a ways off.

Dr. David Meiri, who is the lead researcher on an Israeli project and who has studied over 50 varieties of cannabis and its effects on 200 different cancer cells. Dr. Meiri and his team have successfully killed brain and breast cancer cells through exposure to marijuana throughout his research and he is hopeful that they can find more varieties of cancer cells that respond to his treatment.

Dr. Meiri’s research suggests that not all cancer cells respond to cannabinoids in the same way. Even if cannabis can help with some cancers, it might not work the same for all. With a condition as deadly as cancer, it is crucial to know whether a high cannabinoid regimen would work for any particular case. While clinical research on cannabis continues to stall, patients must decide whether to wait or follow in the footsteps of successful stories of patients who have tried it in the past.

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