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What Marijuana Strains Help with Stress?

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What Marijuana Strains Help with Stress?

Life is going to life. Stress is a form of our bodies flight or fight response when handling external or internal events. Our brains will run amuck if we allow them to and will start telling us the wildest things that aren’t supportive of our mental health. People don’t know how to handle themselves when stress happens so they often turn to heavy medications. 

Can Marijuana help? Many research studies have been conducted asking the same question. Several studies show that high THC and low CBD will reduce stress. Some people experience anxiety when smoking, while others don’t. It really comes down to finding the right strain that works for your body and not against it. What’s the right marijuana strain for you?

Sour Diesel

The name comes from its potent smell that will fill up any room before smoking. Be sure to store this marijuana strain in an airtight seal. If you’re looking to manage your stress while also being able to move around and get chores done, this one is for you. 

Benefits can include feeling energetic, inspired, and creative. Sour Diesel is a top choice among medical patients looking for some relief to their stress, depression, and pain. Sour Diesel can also be known as Sour D so be aware of what your dispensary refers to it as. 

God’s Gift

This marijuana strain provides the benefit of stopping the relentless brain chatter that stress can cause. It is known to have a citrusy grape like taste that’s sweet and earthy. This strain will have you feeling pretty sleepy so it is not the ideal strain choice for getting things done. Provides great relief if you’re struggling to get to bed at night.

Strawberry Cough

The name is derived from its strawberry flavor that when smoked can cause even veterans to cough. This strain works surprisingly well in taking away stress in social environments thanks to its benefits that renders its users feeling euphoric and sociable. It’s also used in the movie Children of Men, which is amazing. 

Green Crack

The name can be intimidating but this marijuana strain will curb the brain chatter and give you intense focus and energy. This strain is perfect to get you through a busy day where you are stressed but have loads to get done. Its name is slowing changing to be referred to as Green Cush.

Death Star

This one causes a great disturbance and forces your stress to dissipate. Its benefits include better sleep, relaxation, and well-being. It’s closely related to Sour Diesel, so if you’re looking for some Sour Diesel effects without the boost in energy this strain is a great alternative to curb your stress.

No matter what, you’re going to have to try and see what marijuana strain supports you the best in managing your stress. Everyone’s bodies are different and they all handle strains differently. It’s worth trying though if your stress is getting too much to handle. 

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