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Storing Weed to Keep It Fresh

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Storing Weed to Keep It Fresh

It’s no secret that cannabis can go bad over time. To ensure that your weed stays fresh, it’s important to store it properly. This blog post will outline some tips for how to store weed so that it lasts as long as possible. Keep reading for more information!

Use an Airtight Container

When harvest time comes, it’s important to control the amount of air your buds get. Too much can quickly dry them out and turn them into a crumbly mess; not enough will affect humidity levels! Use an airtight container with dividers or maintain space within its walls – this way you restrict airflow while also trapping some inside for improved storage efficiency.

Keep It Dark and Cool

Cannabis is an amazing plant that produces so much THC. Unfortunately, when we store it for too long in high temperatures or with light sources nearby the potency plummets and the flavor fades away too quickly! The solution to these problems? Keep your weed in dark places like cabinets where temperature fluctuations won’t affect its quality at all.

Pay Attention to Humidity

To keep your cannabis fresh and potent, you need to maintain the right humidity. If it’s too low or high then mold can grow on buds which will make them brittle instead of soft like they should be when fresh from a harvest season! The ideal range for storing marijuana is 59%-63%.

Don’t Store Weed In the Freezer

The freezer might be a good place to store your weed for now, but it’s harmful in some ways. Freezing can cause trichomes (the tiny crystal formation that gives pot its THC) and potent substances like mold spores or yeast! To avoid this problem keep both at room temperature where they’ll stay healthy without any risk of becoming gooey under warm conditions while still being able to remain intact until ready use.

Don’t Keep Near Appliances

As you may already know, heat is not good for your weed. So instead of storing it in an area where temperatures could reach upwards towards 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius), like the kitchen stovetop or bathroom cabinet under electronics; store them somewhere cooler with better ventilation such as a basement drawer loaded up tight on coolers full deep!

Don’t Use Plastic

To prevent the flavors of your cannabis from being altered by exposure to oxygen and water, use a glass jar rather than plastic for storing it. This will help protect your product against degradation caused by chemicals in store-bought products or natural aging over time due simply because they don’t want their customers’ weed going bad before purchase!

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