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Cannabis Extracts: How to Use Them

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Cannabis Extracts: How to Use Them

Cannabis extracts are potent, concentrated forms of cannabis. They can be consumed in a variety of ways, depending on the type of extract and your personal preferences. Some people like to use cannabis extracts for medical purposes, while others simply enjoy the high they provide. If you’re new to cannabis extracts, this guide will teach you how to use them safely and effectively.


The most popular way to use cannabis extract is through dabbing. Dab enthusiasts find this method of cannabis consumption very satisfying because it involves beautiful glass rigs designed especially for heating concentrates and channeling the vapor cleanly into one’s lungs with little risk involved, though there are precautions one must take if one plans on doing so.


Vaping extracts is a great way to consume your favorite cannabis product. Vape rigs, including vape pens and box mods, are designed with electronic heating capabilities that will transfer the heat from one material into another via Direct Heat Application. E-liquid vaporizes liquid through wicks created by concentrates which you can make yourself!

Cook Edibles

The most popular way to work cannabis into meals and goodies is by making ‘ weed butter .’ This recipe requires concentrates, but luckily there’s an easier method: extracts! Extracts can be used in sweets or even as a beverage additive – just don’t forget that heat will kill any active ingredients if you use too much cooking oil when making edibles at home.

Infusing Joints and Bowls

When rolling your own or preparing a cone, deposit a line of extract oil down the length of the paper. After filling and sealing it back up with weed, you can either wait for hours before smoking so as not to ruin any other joints in progress but when enhancement comes into play, there may be runner which could potentially cause an unwanted burn at times due different consistency between what’s being rolled versus burned. 

Extracting oil from plants is a great way to add more flavors and cannabinoids. You can either place the extract in any kind of pipe or bong you prefer, like dab balls, etc., but if there’s one thing we know it’ll make your bowls stronger than burning them longer will be by giving them some extra sparkle!

Cannabis Tinctures

Have you always loved the flavor of cannabis but found it difficult to consume? If so, this may be for you! Mixing your tinctures using extracts is an easy way to get all that amazing taste in every hit. To start on the right foot (pun intended), choose something close like olive oil or coconut juice as opposed to more traditional methods such as shatter which has been known lately by some enthusiasts thanks to its high concentrations of THC levels.

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