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3 Factors That Can Affect Your Cannabis High

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3 Factors That Can Affect Your Cannabis High

If you’re a cannabis smoker, then you know that the quality and intensity of your high can depend on a variety of factors, from the strain of weed you’re smoking to your mood and environment. In this blog post, we’ll explore three key factors that can affect your cannabis high. Keep reading to learn more!

Method of Consumption

The length of time you feel the effects of your consumption will depend on two factors: the amount and method. Edible cannabis products contain more THC than inhaled forms, so they last longer when consumed orally or through other methods such as vaporization-about twice as long in some cases!


The duration of the effects of eating cannabis is much longer than smoking it. An average person can experience the effect for up to eight hours after consuming 20 mg in one dose! This slower onset time makes edibles very popular among patients looking for a more subtle but still noticeable change rather than something that will make them feel high immediately upon inhalation.

Smoking Cannabis

Smoking cannabis will produce similar effects to those who consume it through inhalation, regardless of whether you’re using a joint or edibles. The average time for stopping feeling 20mgs worth is four hours with lower doses lasting three.

THC Dosage

Many people who consume too much marijuana will report that their experience is more intense and lasts longer than they expected. The reason for this may be due in part to the sheer amount of THC present, as larger doses lead to an increased feeling of impact because there’s simply more cannabis interacting with your endocannabinoid system throughout consumption- even if it takes time before those effects are felt.

The effects of THC are highly variable depending on how an individual’s body responds to it. This means that even though there isn’t a universally high level, every person will feel something different when exposed.

Individual Body Response

Individual body response to cannabis plays a huge role in how we experience it. Two people can take the same dose of marijuana, yet one may feel effects lasting for hours while another only feels them after smoking several joints back-to-back with no time between either breaking or sitting down! This is because genetics play an integral part when processing substances such as THC; those who have enzymes that speed up metabolism will probably notice quicker results from taking said drug whereas others might need more hits before they see anything at all.

People with high metabolic rates process cannabis more quickly, which usually creates a faster onset of effects but also a shorter duration. On the flip side, those who have slow metabolism can experience longer-lasting feelings from their marijuana use as well!

If you regularly consume cannabis, your body will eventually develop a tolerance and the effects of THC may no longer be felt. Cannabis users with high tolerances typically experience a stronger “high” from inhaled doses due to their higher threshold for detection compared with someone who is new or hasn’t consumed much before–this means that depending on how sensitive each person’s system is determining whether something has taken effect can vary quite dramatically!

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